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Private and corporate interests from outside the county are targeting our forestlands for destruction, clear-cutting to make way for extensive new vineyard projects.

Many applications have already been filed to clear-cut Sonoma County coastal forest and plant wine grapes. The projects would permanently deforest large areas of wooded ridge tops. Once these redwood forests are removed, they will be lost forever.

California has laws ensuring that such projects do not cause environmental damage, but the Department of Forestry is failing to enforce them. They are approving projects without the analysis of environmental impacts required by law. To protect our forests, the Sierra Club and allies such as Friends of the Gualala River are asking a judge to require the Department of Forestry to enforce the law.

Redwood Chapter is also calling upon CalPERS, which has voted to use environmental measures as one guide in its investment practices, to enact policy against funding or investing in vineyard projects that result in the conversion of forests.

The Sierra Club's Sonoma Group also continues to focus on adoption of forestland protection amendments to Sonoma County's General Plan. These much needed amendments would serve as models for general plan updates in the surrounding counties.

If you'd like to do more to help protect forests from conversions, contact Jay Halcomb at (707-869-3302).

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