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June/July 2014
Your Vote: More Important Than Ever

Sierra Club political activists have been busy this spring with the grass roots investigation that precedes a Club endorsement, and are very proud of the candidates that have been chosen: please check their statements on page 3 of Needles to learn more about them.

We think that the election of candidates endorsed by the Sierra Club offers the best hope of protecting the best qualities of the North Coast—abundant open space, towering forests, free-running rivers, charming, friendly small towns with a rural atmosphere—so we’re asking our members to support those individuals who appear on the endorsement list to the left of this article. Please also consider making a personal endorsement, volunteering a few hours of time, or donating money: the future of all our communities hangs in the balance this year, and action by Club members can potentially tip that balance. That’s especially true because as usual in a non-Presidential year, turnout is expected to be in the dismally low 30 percent range. Although discouraging from a civic perspective, this participation rate means that every ballot cast will really matter—so please be sure to VOTE on June 3!

Lake Group members are also urged to check out the Group Report to learn more about Measure L, which is strongly supported by the Sierra Club.

Redwood Forest
Courtesy of National Park Service

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