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The county is considering four options for how to prioritize the need to keep land in timber production relative to the need to allow conversion to agriculture (usually vineyards).

This whole debate pertains to conversion of timber lands rather than conversion of oak woodlands. While we will continue to try to find ways to protect oak woodlands, the current debate is unfortunately limited to TIMBER lands.

Redwood Forest
Courtesy of National Park Service

Note that while the current debate applies to conversions from timber to agriculture, it does not apply to timber harvest practices in general. The outcome of this debate has bearing on whether or not a person could clearcut for the purpose of putting in a new vineyard, but would not prevent a person from clearcutting if they replanted trees afterwards.

The four options are:

  1. Continue with the status quo because the fraction of timber lands that have been converted to vineyards is less than 1%.
  2. Discourage the conversion of timberland by not allowing agricultural uses that would require conversion in the 69,000 acres that are zoned TP (Timber Production).
  3. Same as Option #2, but apply to the 194,000 acres of timber in the RRD Land Use category (whether or not they are zoned TP).
  4. Allow conversion of the 69,000 acres of TP on a case by case basis.

More background information is available by looking on the PRMD web site for staff reports and additional meeting information.