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Forest Protection Campaign - Sonoma County Timberland Ordinance Amendment
On Tuesday, Dec. 5, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors passed an Amendment to the County's recently adopted Timberland Ordinance. Full article.

What Is The Best Option?
A previous County Timberland Ordinance proposal (Option 5) was fatally flawed. Troubles with Option 5 highlights these basic flaws in a letter to the Sonoma County Planning Commission. See also What is the Best Option?, which explains why Sierra Club's Sonoma Group favors Option 3. Read through our Talking Points for further information. And see what Sonoma Group had to say in a Close to Home (Why Local Forests Deserve Protection) article. Finally, Peter Baye weighs in with comments on forest conservation during this "grape rush".
Sonoma County's General Plan 2020

Sonoma County is currently updating its old General Plan. The County is responsible for regulating development within the unincorporated areas of the County. The County's principal means for accomplishing this is the General Plan, which prescribes the policies and guidelines for making land use decisions.

Timber Resources: As part of updating the General Plan, Sonoma County recently passed a timberland ordinance. The ordinance is too weak in protecting our forests. It is weak partly because a California Supreme Court decision was being decided which might have restricted the County's authority in the area of forest protection That case has now been decided in favor of the County's authority. Accordingly, we want the timberland ordinance strengthened to more fully reflect the advice of the Citizen's Advisory Committee. Please lobby your Supervisor about this and please attend the upcoming Planning Commission meetings about the General Plan Update or write the Commissioners to tell them so.

Sonoma County's General Plan 2020 Update

Sierra Club comments on the General Plan Update

Contact your Supervisor


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